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As a mother of two boys with a true heart for children, Dr. Johnson has always provided an atmosphere of commitment and compassion towards pediatric medicine. With over a decade of specialization in complex diseases of the brain and spine, Dr. Keyne K. Johnson brings a unique vision to pediatric neurosurgery — exceptional care with compassion and commitment.



“Every child is our dedicated priority the moment they step through our doors”

Dr. Johnson is a board certified pediatric neurosurgeon who received her training in neurosurgery at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC. She completed further training with a pediatric neurosurgery fellowship at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX. Since then, she has developed an outstanding expertise in epilepsy, brain tumor removal, complex spine surgery, minimally invasive spine and brain surgery as well as endoscopy.

Since 2008, Dr. Johnson has been based in Orlando, bringing a host of novel techniques to Central Florida. She has treated a myriad of diseases including cervical spine instability, scoliosis and Moya Moya disease. She is a fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida School of Medicine.

Dr. Johnson has presented her research at numerous national meetings, is published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and has trained internationally. She feels her greatest, most cherished accomplishments are her two sons, Carson and Harrison.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Dr. Keyne Johnson

My goal is to provide kids and their families with a total care package; one that mixes skills, technology, and compassion in a welcoming environment. My passion is your child and their brain and spine care.


201 North Lakemont Ave Suite 500 
Winter Park, FL 32792

(407) 255-2152

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